About Us

James Robinson

Brighton based jewellery designer 
Illustration degree BA (HONS)


Growing up by the sea, James always had a strong fascination with the calmness and power of the ocean, and its relationship with the moon and stars.

At a very young age, he used to walk on Chesil beach looking for shipwreck treasures and washed up gemstones. He is inspired by tales of the ocean, as his great great grandfather was lost at sea. James has the tapestry that was presented at his funeral, which he cherishes most dearly. His body was never recovered, which inspired this collection. 

Formally from the tattooing world, James has a knowledge of symbolisation that sailors used. Each piece he designs has symbolism and meaning. A story representing, fable, belief or tale from the sea.

James is now directing his ideas and sketches into beautiful elegant pieces of fine Jewellery.