About Us

James Robinson

Brighton based jewellery designer 
Illustration degree BA (HONS)


“The Illustrated Jeweller” is a Brighton based jewellery brand by tattoo artist turned designer James Robinson. Handcrafted in the U.K. in solid silver and gold with coloured gemstones and diamonds.

 The Illustrated Jeweller celebrates the symbolism of the seas from sailors and swallows, inspired by the brands Brighton base.

 Growing up by the sea, designer James Robinson always had a strong fascination with the calmness and power of the ocean, and its relationship with the moon and stars.

 The story of James’ great-great-grandfather Albert Self, who was lost at sea, his body was never recovered, was the inspiration behind the collection. Working as a caulker’s assistant in the Royal Navy, Self vanished without a trace on Christmas day in 1885. At his funeral, a stunning, intricate tapestry was presented to his family and has acted as an heirloom ever since, finally making it into James’ hands over 100 years later.  From a very young age, James used to walk along the Jurassic Coast’s Chesil Beach looking for shipwreck treasures and washed up gemstones in the hope that they would lead to clues about his great-great-grandfather’s mysterious disappearance. 

 James’ knowledge of the symbolisation that sailors used with swallows and other nautical objects features heavily throughout the collection. Each piece he designs is emblematic and meaningful, representing, fable, belief or tales from the sea and incorporates an emotional story, ensuring a statement is made with every design.