It can be overwhelming looking at every piece of jewellery. Fashion and popular styles can start looking all the same.

James has a degree in illustration (BA HONS). He can help you with all your designing needs. James can illustrate your ideas if you can’t get them down on paper. He works one-on-one with you and will design your piece of jewellery from scratch.

Together we can design until it’s right, creating the best piece of jewellery you will ever own.

If you want to create your own individual piece, please email with your ideas. We can get back to you, to talk through your vision.

There’s lots of options when creating your piece of jewellery that is bespoke to you, and can be made to your specifications. It might be a visual decision, an emotional connection or a factor of working to ones budget. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s all down to personal preference.

Consultation & Design

Together we can look at the best options, and we can give you our personal opinion on what we think would work for you and your ideas.

James offers free complimentary drawing consultations for your piece. He can also give an estimated time frame for your piece to be constructed. 

We will send you different options, and with your feedback, together we can decide on the final draft. If it’s not right straight away, please let us know so you can guide James with your ideas. It’s a process and we keep designing till we get it right, and it’s how you envisioned it! You won’t hurt our feelings, feedback in this process is very important.

Once a final design is drafted, and you wish to proceed, We would require a 50% deposit, and the rest of the quote on completion.


The architectural drawing then goes to a Cad designer, who puts the drawing and dimensions into a computer programme. It can then be viewed in 3D rendering of all angles for your approval.

The CAD looks a lot bigger and there will be an architectural feel to the blue prints of your piece. When your piece of jewellery is constructed, it will be more refined than viewed on screen. The physical piece will have a slight shrinkage which we will allow for.

A mould is made from this, and then cast in your preference of metal. Any gemstones are then set and mounted.  It is then cleaned up and polished.  

Please view our finishes and metals as each piece can be customised to your taste and budget.

James will over see the project from every step of the way, and he works closely with the cad designer and team constructing your piece.

Meet your new favourite possession

With your piece of jewellery, we will include any information for insurance, documentation for any stones and hallmarking information, which will be on your finished piece of jewellery.

Drop us a message

Please fill out the form below with details of your bespoke design and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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