We can help guide you to a gemstone that we feel will work best for you and the project, considering ethics, quality and budget.

We have many close contacts whom we work with, and can source options to show you.

“Know what you are buying, and don’t overspend!”

James has his own knowledge of stones which stems back to my childhood. (His inner magpie) and we use an on hand gemologist, if you require something specific.

If you have an idea of colour, cut, clarity and size, we can advise on different stones that might work with your vision, and importantly work within your budget.

We believe that stones have properties that have healing powers. When worn next to the skin it can give the wearer a strong connection. And We are all about the cosmic universe!

James can help advise which would best suit and perhaps look at neighbouring stones, that can compliment to give you the best affirmation combination.

Working to a budget is also important. You don’t always have to go with the most expensive. We love inclusions!  And imperfections can give the stone its own character, unique personality and style.

We can also look and source for ethically sourced stones for you, which haven’t been mined form the earth. Perhaps a LAB grown option would suit you best?


There are lots of beautiful finishes that can be acquired after your piece of jewellery is cast and cleaned up.

When your piece is out of casting it has a mottled texture to its surface, these have to be smoothed out by hand as these pieces are very delicate in detail.


FULL POLISH: Each feather is delicately polished to an extremely high lustre by hand. This level of craftsmanship takes time, and so reflects in the price as it takes longer to achieved the reflective surface. It has an almost liquid finish and high sheen to your piece of jewellery. White gold can be rhodium plated after to enhance the whiteness of your piece.

HALF POLISH: is our preferred finish. It has a high level of clean up from casting but leaving a slight texture, which gives an antique feel to your piece of jewellery.

MIXED POLISH: works with two lustres on one piece. Sections can be cleaned up with a textured finishes whilst contrasted with higher clean up. Giving a two tone appearance.

Ring sizer

What size should I buy?

It’s important that you know your ring size.

James offers a free consultation to meet and check your finger size.

If you can’t travel or are not local to Brighton?

We would suggest going to your local jeweller and getting them to size up your finger, using a “wheatshief ring sizer.” Using this brand is important! Ring sizers are not all universal. When the designs are sent off to the CAD designer their programme must match up with the ring sizer used, to get your size specifically right.

We offer a free resize if your ring is not quite fitting exactly as you would like. However the TWISTED SHIP ROPE RINGS ARE NOT RESIZABLE due to the infinity repeat pattern of the rope. So it’s important to research your ring size before hand.

If you are not able to visit myself or your local jeweller, you can Purchase a “wheatsheaf ring sizer” from the link below.
If you return the ring sizer this can be REFUNDED in full to you.

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